Best Ways to Light a Pumpkin

What’s the best way to light a pumpkin? From the obvious to the inventive, there are a great many ways to light up your family’s special holiday creations…

The best way to light a pumpkin this Halloween season is up to you!

Tried and true: Candles

Tiny tea lights are the candles of choice if you’re a fan of the traditionally best way to light a pumpkin. Beware, however, they are not suitable for extended or unsupervised use due to their potential to pose a fire hazard.

Safe for your shorty: Battery-operated LEDs

Halloween-specific, puck-sized battery operated LEDs and smaller LED tea lights offer safe, bright illumination. Some models even feature a flickering specialty mode with yellow tones for a more realistic effect. The puck-sized versions offer superior glow for see-thru carvings – those with layers that don’t penetrate the inner cavity of the pumpkin.

More BOO for you: Motion sensitive and remote control options

For those looking for a little extra BOO, try a motion-sensitive cordless LED night light, or adjust lighting from the comfort of your recliner with these remote control, puck-style lights.

Crazy color: Glow sticks

Cheap and easy, glow sticks offer intense pumpkin carving color. Outrageously priced in-stores? Shop online for a better buy.

Starlight, star bright – is that an old Lite Brite?

A string of holiday lights can make a fun and interesting pumpkin design. Use colored lights within or without for a little extra flair.

Pump it up: Laser light show

For parties – or your porch – you can’t beat laser pumpkin lighting for its wow-factor. Add a fog machine for even more ghoulish effects.

Crazy lights in your pumpkin are awesome. Crazy lights in your house – not so much. From the fun to the truly terrifying, Mr. Electric® has you covered. If things start looking a little too scary in your haunted house, contact us right away.


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