Doctor reveals why you shouldn’t share the bed with your pet

With the upcoming colder seasons, your furry friends may be slowly sneaking their way into your cosy bed and it can be impossible to say no. However, doctors have revealed the shocking reason why you may want to keep them out. 

Whilst cuddles are all well and good, when it comes to certain times of the year sharing our beds with our pets can actually pose certain health risks and seriously affect your sleep hygiene too. From inducing pet asthma to making you sick with a fever, experts strongly discourage you from doing it. 

So why is it so bad? And is the reason enough to kick our fur babies out of bed? Unfortunately, it just might be. Here’s why you should never share the bed with your pet, this month especially…

Why you should never let your pets in your bed in september - chocolate lab in bed

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According to a recent study published at the National Library of Medicine, an overwhelming half of pets sleep on their owner’s beds. Of that half, around 30% sleep under the duvet when in bed. Not only does this put you at risk of potentially having to get rid of fleas in your bed or bacteria from the outside, but it also means you’re likely to have animal dander in your bed too. 

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