How to clean a microwave with lemon – a natural method

Cleaning a microwave can be a dreaded cleaning task – not only are they usually in a spot that’s awkward to reach, but they can also be one of the grimiest spots in the kitchen, full of grease, stuck on dirt, and slimy overspill. Because of this, knowing how to clean a microwave is an important skill – and knowing how to clean a microwave with lemon might just be even more helpful if you’re looking for a natural method.

Though you may have your go-to method for cleaning this appliance, it’s worth considering whether using a lemon might be a superior option. Given that our microwaves are vessels we put food into on a regular basis, opting not to use chemicals for cleaning it can be preferable. Plus, it’s one of the most beneficial ways to use up any spare lemon halves!

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