All Your Circuit Breaker Questions, Answered

Even experienced homeowners have questions, especially when it comes to electricity. To help you better understand your circuit breakers, we’ve put together this helpful list of common questions and, even better, the answers to them. It’s important to remember that electricity is dangerous to mess around with, and even if you can figure out the problem, don’t try to DIY electricity. It could have disastrous results.

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Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting Questions

Is it bad that my circuit breaker buzzes when it’s turned on?

Not necessarily. The flow of electricity through a circuit breaker can create a low buzzing sound when it is turned on. Sometimes you may hear a slight buzzing sound for a very short time when a circuit breaker is turned on due to current rushing through the components. However, if the buzzing does not subside or gets progressively worse (if you can hear the sound far away from the breaker or in another room), reach out to a professional electrician for an inspection.

Should I be concerned that my circuit breaker trips when it rains?

Your circuit breaker can trip when it rains for several reasons; most don’t relate to an issue with the circuit breaker. External outlets, extension cords, and lighting fixtures can all get moisture in them, which can cause a breaker to trip. However, you should address these issues immediately because they could negatively impact other parts of your home.

My circuit breaker is warm to touch. Is that bad?

Yes, it isn’t good, and you will need to have your circuit breaker inspected as soon as possible. A warm circuit breaker may indicate the circuit is using a lot of electricity, which is normal in most cases. Common causes of your breaker being hot to the touch are loose wires, exceeding electrical current limits, or a failing breaker. All these causes will require that they be serviced and addressed by professionals.

What should I do if my circuit breaker won’t reset after a power outage? [H3 Header]

If your circuit breaker is not resetting, there are multiple possible causes, and most of them will require you to contact a licensed electrician. Before calling, make sure that you firmly switch the breaker to the off position and then firmly back to the on position. If this doesn’t fix your issue, you will need an electrician to replace the breaker.

What should I do if my circuit breaker won’t turn off the power in my home?

There are probably larger issues with your breaker that will need to be addressed immediately, meaning you’ll need to contact an electrician. If the circuit breaker isn’t turning off the power to your home, any fix will involve more work than should be attempted in a DIY project.

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Do You Have More Circuit Breaker Questions? Just Ask Us

Every home is different, and you may have a circuit breaker issue that is unique to you. Luckily, your local Mr. Electric is always here to answer questions and provide the solutions you need to keep your home’s electricity working safely. Whether you need an inspection or full circuit breaker replacement, we can help. Give us a call (844) 866-1367 or schedule an appointment online.

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