Let’s Learn About Electric Turkey Fryers

If you are looking for a way to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner, the electric turkey fryer is where it’s at! While frying the holiday bird used to be a messy, outdoors-only process that was even a little bit scary, the new and improved electric turkey deep fryer is safe, efficient, and convenient. Forget having to cook outside to get that fried turkey flavor. Today’s models allow you to use the fryer in the kitchen.

Keep reading to learn the backstory on the electric turkey fryer and to get some top tips from the friendly team at Mr. Electric® regarding how to use the fryer.

The History of Turkey Frying

Deep-frying the Thanksgiving turkey became popular back in the late 70s during what is known as the “Cajun cooking craze.” Home cooks in Louisiana took the butane cookers traditionally used in crawfish boils, replaced the water with oil, and started frying up their whole turkeys. The results were delicious, but the process was a mess and could be unsafe. 

By the 1980s and beyond, turkey frying really took off but it continued to be a somewhat complicated process that people had to perform outside. Still, the cooking trend was worth the effort as the result was a faster-cooking turkey with meat that was moist on the inside with perfectly crisp skin.

Today’s Electric Turkey Fryer

The electric turkey deep fryer has revolutionized turkey frying since the 70s. These days, cooks can bring the fryers right into their kitchens for a quick and delicious method to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey as large as 20 pounds. The most popular fryers on the market today feature controls and digital timers to get the bird just right. Some models include additional features for easy clean-up.

5 Tips for Using an Electric Turkey Fryer

Getting ready to use an electric turkey deep fryer for the first time? Here are some helpful tips for best results:

  1. To determine how much oil you need, first fill the pot with water, measure how much liquid is necessary to cover the turkey without overflowing the pot, and then measure out the correct amount of oil.
  2. Unplug any other unnecessary appliances in the kitchen prior to plugging in the electric fryer to avoid tripping a circuit breaker.
  3. Avoid using a frozen turkey because the moisture will hit the oil and cause splattering. Instead, use a fresh turkey or fully thawed one and pat it dry.
  4. Use the oil drain valve for convenient fryer clean up. It may take up to 5 hours for the oil to cool completely, but once it is cool you can drain it into a container that is safe for storing or disposing of the oil.
  5. Do not pour oil down the sink to avoid clogging the drain. Then, simply wipe down the inside and outside of the fryer with a damp cloth and mild dish soap, rinse completely, and dry.

To get answers to your questions about using an electric turkey fryer in your home this holiday season, reach out to your local experts at Mr. Electric. Their professional technicians have the tips you need to save time and energy and keep your home up to date. Schedule an appointment online or call the Mr. Electric team in your area at (844) 866-1367.

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