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Halloween, The Low-Key Best Time of Year for Holiday Lights

Sure, we all enjoy the twinkling red and green lights at Christmastime, but orange and purple are where it’s at. Halloween is becoming a popular time for both indoor and outdoor decorating, with neighbors competing against each other to see which home’s spookiness attracts the most trick-or-treaters to their door. Whether you’ve been using Halloween lights for years, or you’re new to the ghostly game, read on for some tricks and treats of the trade.

Halloween Lights are All About Color

Halloween gives you a dark and mystical color pallet to play with. There are so many fun combinations to play with! Maybe you’re a fan of traditional orange and black, or you could really go for it with strategically placed blood-red lights. Whatever colors you choose, your Halloween lights are sure to liven up your spooky display. Consider hanging them in the same spots you do the rest of your winter holiday décor, or get a little more creative. Line the squares of your windows or door frames with flashing Halloween lights or put them in unexpected places, like bathrooms or hall closets.

Halloween Lights That Won’t Crank Up Your Energy Bill

If you plan on using your outdoor Halloween lights through the entire month of October, consider investing in LED lights. On average, LED holiday lights will cost 60 times less in energy than traditional lights. You read that right – 60 times less! Sure, the initial price tag will be a little higher when you purchase them, but if you take care of your outdoor Halloween lights by storing them in a safe, dry place the rest of the year, you’ll be able to use them for many more Halloweens to come. Your wallet will thank you.

Halloween Projection Lights

If you’re a real holiday pro and want to take your decorations to the next level, Halloween projection lights are the way to go. Halloween projection lights work by posting a small machine somewhere on your lawn that projects an image onto the side your garage door or house to scare or delight passers-by. It’s your choice. Want to terrify neighbors with the image of a dark, shadowy figure in your upstairs window? Or bloody ghouls over the garage? Hey man, it’s your house. Sure, most people opt for simple images of pumpkins or friendly ghosts, but you do you.

As Always, Safety First

If you do decide to go for the more labor-intensive choice of stringing lights, be sure to take safety precautions while hanging them. Have someone nearby to help, use a safe ladder, and always hang lights BEFORE they’re plugged in. If you need to use an extension cord, choose one that is rated for outdoor use. Never put any cloth or fabric over holiday lights to prevent fire hazards.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your outlets or electric system, or just don’t want to bother with all the dirty work, let the experts handle it so you relax and enjoy the spooky season.

Need a Hand With Your Halloween Lights Project?

So now that we’ve given you some inspiration, get to decorating! But remember, getting shocked is only funny in the Halloween movies, NOT in real life. Call Mr. Electric at (844) 866-1367 for Halloween light decorating concerns and for ALL your electrical needs. Schedule an appointment online today.


After the Halloween lights are hung, it’s time to carve jack-o-lanterns! Check out these pumpkin cleaning tips from our friends at Molly Maid. They are also part of the Neighborly family of home services, so you know you can trust them for great advice.

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