Fire Safety During Burn Awareness Week

Most burn injuries are preventable. That’s why in honor of National Burn Awareness Week, February 1-7, 2015, organizations across the U.S. are coming together to kick-off a yearlong campaign aimed at preventing burns in our communities. Do you have the fire safety information you need to protect your family from necessary burns and your home from electrical fire?

Shocking Home Electrical Fire Statistics

  • 79 percent of home electrical fires spread beyond their point of origin.
  • 39 percent of home electrical fires involve lighting and electrical distribution and power transfer equipment (electrical panels, circuit breakers, transfer switches, disconnects, etc.)
  • Home electrical fires result in an estimated 280 deaths annually.
  • Fire departments across the U.S. respond to an estimated 25,900 home electrical fires every year, treating over 1,000 burn-related injuries.
  • Each year, electrical fires cause over a billion dollars in property loss, which average a far greater dollar loss per fire than those that are non-electrical.

Protect Your Home and Family with These Electrical Fire Safety Tips:

  • Don’t overload outlets.
  • Never utilize extension cords as a permanent wiring solution. Have an outlet added and utilize certified surge protectors and power strips.
  • Use the correct wattage light bulb in every fixture.
  • Replace electrical wires that show signs of wear-and-tear. This includes electrical devices.
  • Use extreme caution when operating appliances near water.
  • Keep flammable items away from heat sources.
  • Ensure your dryer and all venting is lint-free.
  • Have your home electrical inspected every 10 years at a minimum.

If You Have Children, Follow These Electrical Fire Safety Tips:

Note: Children are at an increased risk for electrical burns due to their ignorance and curiosity. 

  • Use covers on every electrical outlet.
  • Teach children never to touch electrical outlets or play with cords.
  • Keep electrical cords and appliances out of reach of children. Unplug those that are.
  • Teach older children the dangers of operating electrical devices near wet areas.
  • Upgrade to child safe outlets throughout your home.
  • Install GFCIs in every outlet near a water source.

If You Have Any of the following Fire Safety Issues, Contact a Qualified Mr. Electric® Professional Immediately:

  • Fuses or circuit breakers that repeatedly blow or trip.
  • Flickering lights.
  • Outlets or switches that are warm or hot to the touch.
  • Cracked or broken wall outlets.
  • Outlets that emit sparks.
  • Burning rubber type odors emanating from appliances.

Fire safety starts with you! Spread the word and get the information you need to keep your family and your home safe from electrical fire risks with help from Mr. Electric. Ensure safety by scheduling your free electrical home inspection today.


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